Apple and Comcast Reportedly in Talks for Future Streaming Service

Apple is reportedly in talks with Comcast about an agreement which would ensure the Cupertino company adequate bandwidth to reach the media giant’s customers for a future television streaming product. As reported Sunday by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is pursuing an agreement with Comcast following the latter’s bid to acquire Time Warner Cable, with which Apple had reportedly sought an agreement previously.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s sources, the proposed agreement would deliver a guaranteed level of bandwidth to Apple products, presumably a future set-top box or television. Such a deal is similar in spirit to an agreement Comcast recently signed with Netflix, and would ensure Apple customers a smooth experience, even if other aspects of Comcast’s Internet service were bogged down by competing traffic.

Sources underscore the fact that talks between the companies are still in the preliminary stage, and that no deal is yet close to being finalized. It’s also unclear if the reported talks cover only bandwidth or if Apple is looking to also acquire content rights from Comcast, which owns several valuable properties including NBC and Universal Pictures.

Apple has been widely expected to enter the television market during the past several years, with former CEO Steve Jobs telling biographer Walter Isaacson that his company had finally “cracked” the concepts necessary to revolutionize the industry. While Apple has continued to deliver incremental feature and content updates to its existing Apple TV, however, no broader products or services have yet to emerge.

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