It’s the Little Things: Our Top Two Favorite Features in iOS 7

Now that the iOS 7 Beta has been in the hands of developers for a few weeks (and has even received its first update), we’ve learned about most of its new features and secrets. The new OS is full of great stuff, but after seeing it action, we’ve found that the absolute best new features are relatively small additions: the flashlight and the built-in level.

iOS 7 Favorite Features Flashlight

In Apple’s quest to quash the developers of certain single-function third party iOS utilities, the company has integrated both a flashlight and level into iOS 7. Flashlight apps in particular were among the most popular utilities on the App Store and, while some of these apps still offer unique capabilities, it’s safe to say that most iOS 7 users will stick with the simple flashlight function built in to the new Control Center.

We wouldn’t blame them. The flashlight function is accessible with a quick swipe and tap, and works flawlessly on  the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, even in these early betas.

As mentioned above, the new level function, found in the Compass app, is also very cool. Using Venn Diagram-like graphical guides for aligning and measuring (along with a traditional-looking level when position perpendicular to a measured object), the app reports a level orientation by turning green, which can be very helpful when balancing multiple tasks at once.

iOS 7 Favorite Features Level

We’ve already seen the level in action a dozen times while setting up new offices; leveling desks, hanging pictures, and even leveling an office refrigerator. Like flashlight apps, level apps were also very popular on the App Store. Many developers likely moaned in agony upon learning of Apple’s decision to include the functionality in iOS 7.

iOS 7 Favorite Features Level

And so it is among the most significant change to iOS since the platform’s inception that we find ourselves admiring these two relatively small additions. Make no mistake, iOS 7 offers excellent new features and we’re excited to see it develop and grow, but it’s likely that a built-in flashlight and level will be the most-used and perhaps most-appreciated new features come the software’s public release this fall.

What do you think will be your most-used feature in iOS 7? Let us know in the comments!

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  • proformaartista

    I prefer the lie detector app. I guess it works by detecting the suspected liar’s change of pitch in his/her voice.

  • Starman_Andromeda

    I have to laugh! Using an iPhone or an iPad as a level is one of the silliest and most dangerous things imaginable– at least if you care about your i-device!! In particular, using an iPhone to level a picture is one of the craziest notions I’ve ever read in a hi-tech mag! Oh, wait! Maybe, I stumbled onto The Onion website by mistake! :-)

    Someone tilts the table, canvas, or picture frame the wrong way and the iPad or iPhone goes sliding off– CRASH!

    Do you know that for centuries people have hung pictures by standing back from them and giving it the old eyeball? Or, working with a partner, having one adjust while the other gives feedback? It’s fun, & brings the family together.

    Given that lucite, hard knocks sustainable levels are available at the hardware store for a couple of bucks, it seems ridiculous to risk using an iPad or iPhone for the job!

    • http://www.tekrevue.com/ TekRevue

      I think we have different methods. When hanging or leveling something, one person *holds* the level (or iPhone, in this case) flush against the object. No risk of falling :)

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